Erin Ridgeway


Hi, I'm Erin.

The following things cause me to break out in hives: anxiety, anger, heat, exercise, sweat, dogs, horses, detergents, scented soap, cleaning products, unfamiliar fabric, many varieties of trees and grasses, beer, wheat, codeine, and ironically, Zyrtec.

In every other way, I am far less delicate.

True facts

When I was 14, I obsessively recorded and cataloged every episode of The Kids in the Hall in case it ever stopped airing three times a day on Comedy Central. My videotape stash outlasted VCRs.

I had an up-close UFO sighting. I’m not saying it was aliens; I’m just saying it was something big, flying and unidentifiable. I do realize this makes me sound crazy.

I led my middle school quiz bowl team to two state championships. I was the most popular kid hiding at lunchtime in the gifted and talented classroom, quoting Monty Python and the Holy Grail.

My arm got trapped in the revolving door at the Sears Tower and now I am terrified of both revolving doors and heights.

I don’t wear a watch because my skin is ionized in such a way that it drains the battery within two weeks.

The two most influential men in my life are my dad and Leonard Nimoy. Sadly, they are not the same person.

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