Erin Ridgeway
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Kybella: Campaign

You inherit lots of things from your family: Your grandpa’s nose. Your mom’s red hair. Your great-aunt’s sparkling sense of humor. But genetics cut both ways, and sometimes you get more than you bargained for—like a double chin. And no matter how young you are, how well you eat, or how many miles you run, there’s just no budging it. Chances are, your ancestors tried everything too. But their only option was hiding their double chins. Now, you can get rid of yours for good.


Agency: BSSP
Executive Creative Director: Keith Cartwright
Creative Director: Chris Toffoli
Art Director: Maria Lee
Copywriter: Erin Ridgeway

We developed backstories for each of the ancestors seen in the TV spots, and used those characters as the focus of a proposed print, digital, experiential, and social campaign.


Body copy: You inherit a lot of things from your family. Your ancestors could only hide it. Now, you can do something about it. KYBELLA is the only FDA-approved injectable treatment for adults that destroys fat cells under your chin to improve your profile. Find out if it's right for you. Find a doctor at 

Interactive Airport Display

We’ll create an installation of a portrait wall in airports in major cities. People will be pulled in by subtle movement in each portrait, like a cinemagraph—perhaps their eyes will look around, or the background will incorporate some appropriate movement, like falling snow.


A prompt will invite the viewer to allow a camera to map his or her face.


The portraits will face-swap the viewer’s face in place of the original subjects’ faces.


At the end of the experience, users will receive a link to share their portraits and get more information about Kybella.

Contextual Banners

We’ll create contextual banner ads advertising the various solutions that ancestors from the past invented to deal with their double chins.

The banners feature a documentary-style video about an ancestor and their double chin “solution.” It redirects to a dedicated site where people can explore additional video content about the relatives’ backstories. 

Each banner will be paired with a Kybella banner on the same page that leads to

We’ll create an online interactive subpage on where we’ll house all of the content we develop to tell the backstories of our cast of characters. Users can watch the life stories of each ancestor in our portraits and check out ways they hid their double chins before Kybella.

Pop-Up Cabinet of Chin Curiosities Experience

We’ll create a pop-up, hands-on experience: a museum of ways this family has tried to find solutions for their double chins.

Imagine a mysterious door in an intriguing 19th century-style storefront, labeled “The Cabinet of Chin Curiosities.” When people step inside, they’ll discover a room lined with exhibits telling the story of the ways this family attempted to get rid of or hide their double chins.

We’ll display items they used or invented to cover their double chins, and hire actors to bring the characters to life as living portraits. They’ll engage with visitors, telling them the life stories we’ve created.

Cabinet of Chin Curiosities 360-Degree Video

We’ll also create a sponsored ad on Facebook featuring a 360-degree video to re-create the pop-up exhibit experience virtually.

Agency: BSSP
Executive Creative Director: Keith Cartwright
Art Director: Maria Lee
Copywriter: Erin Ridgeway