Erin Ridgeway

The Mutter Museum: Student Work

One of the many compelling things about the Mutter Museum is that before they became heads in jars and mummified hands, the exhibits there were people, just like you and me. Because the Mutter Museum always needs fresh blood, we're inviting people to donate their bodies to us. Preferably after they die, but we're not picky.

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People can sign up online to be considered for acceptance into the permanent collection, or just find out more about the illustrious donors who came before them.

Blood is one donation we'll always accept, so we'll hold a blood drive outside the museum. Everyone who donates will receive a voucher for free admission.

Every visitor to the Mutter Museum will leave with an organ donor card to let their loved ones know they want to be a part of the museum forever.

Art Director: Nomin Enkhbold