Erin Ridgeway


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Hi, I'm Erin.

The following things cause me to break out in hives: anxiety, anger, heat, exercise, sweat, dogs, horses, detergents, scented soap, cleaning products, unfamiliar fabric, many varieties of trees and grasses, beer, wheat, codeine, and ironically, Zyrtec.

In every other way, I am far less delicate.

True facts

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When I was 14, I obsessively recorded and cataloged every episode of The Kids in the Hall in case it ever stopped airing three times a day on Comedy Central. My videotape stash outlasted VCRs.

I had an up-close UFO sighting. I’m not saying it was aliens; I’m just saying it was something big, flying and unidentifiable. I do realize this makes me sound crazy.

I have auditioned for Jeopardy! more than once. My day is coming.

My arm got trapped in the revolving door at the Sears Tower and now I am terrified of both revolving doors and heights.

The two most influential men in my life are my dad and Leonard Nimoy. Sadly, they are not the same person.